Make selling your home simple (and pain free).

Work with us and you’ll know when and how to sell a home — and at what price — to maximize its sale value.

Whether you’re selling your own home or a family residence, we can help you smartly market your property, target the right buyer and negotiate the very best deal.

Our complimentary design services help you prepare a home for sale in the best light — from styling and staging, to home editing guidance. We’ll tell you which property improvements are worth your time and money, and help you answer whether that sticky door or dated carpet should stay or go. We work closely with you to tackle the flaws and catch the things you might have missed so there’s nothing to sink a sale.


Realty with a (design) twist

  • Home styling & staging

  • Design & renovation planning

  • Trades & contractor referrals

  • Materials & furniture sourcing

  • Professional photography & videography coordination